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Are you looking for Brakes for your vehicle?

For brake repair Colchester visit The Tyre Dealer.

Our team of experienced technicians will conduct a thorough examination of your vehicle’s braking system and replace any faulty components to restore your vehicle’s braking efficiency. Our experts are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and use only OE-grade components to deliver reliable brake pad replacement Colchester services.

Factors Responsible for Damage in Braking Systems

The performance and efficiency of your car’s braking system can be affected over time due to several factors, such as:

  • Aggressive or sudden braking over a prolonged period
  • Overloading the car beyond the recommended level
  • A drop in the hydraulic brake fluid level due to leakage or other reasons
  • Driving in congested areas that require frequent and sharp braking
  • Corrosion in the master brake cylinder
  • Accumulation of moisture in the braking system

These factors can potentially damage the braking system components affecting your vehicle's braking efficiency.

Top Signs Indicating a Faulty Braking System:

Reduced Rolling Resistance

One of the most significant indications of a faulty braking system is that your car will traverse more distance to come to a halt after you apply the brakes. This increase in the rolling resistance of a car is primarily due to worn-out brake pads.

Soft Brake Pedals

If you feel reduced resistance while pushing the brake pedal, it might be due to a faulty master cylinder or leakage of brake fluid.

ABS Indicator Light on

Cars manufactured on or after 2004 are mandated to have ABS installed. This system constantly monitors the braking performance of a car and sends warning signals to the ECU whenever it senses a fall in the efficiency of the car brakes. The ECU then turns on the ABS indicator light on the dashboard.

If you find the ABS light on, make sure to contact us for brake pad replacement Colchester services.

Other major symptoms of a damaged braking system include a squealing noise while applying brakes, reduced response and your car veering off to either side.

How Can We Help?

The Tyre Dealer offer:

  • A free of charge inspection of the braking components.
  • We supply and fit brake pads from only £39!
  • We stock and fit discs at extremely affordable rates, from only £89!

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