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Are you looking for 1X Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Unbalanced wheels can hinder your vehicle’s handling performance and jeopardise your driving safety. Further, if your car’s wheels are not balanced, it can lead to rapid and uneven tyre wear.

At The Tyre Dealer, our professionals provide comprehensive wheel balancing Colchester at competitive rates.

When to opt for Wheel Balancing?

Uneven Tyre Wear

Perhaps, one of the easiest ways to determine wheel imbalance is by looking at your car’s tyres. Generally, tyre wear usually takes place across the tread of the unit. But, if you notice asymmetric tread wear patterns along the edges, it might indicate unbalanced wheels.

Odd Juddering

Do you notice odd vibrations of the steering wheel while driving?

This issue may indicate other problems. However, if you face this issue as you accelerate and move up to higher speeds, then you have unbalanced wheels.

If a wheel is not optimally balanced, then one side of the car will have to carry most of the vehicle’s weight. This will lead to uneven wheel rotation, resulting in odd vibrations.

Loud Noise and Ineffective Shock Absorbers

Unbalanced wheels can also affect the functioning of a car’s suspension system and wheel bearings.

Wheel imbalance will put excess pressure on the wheel bearings, causing a loud noise while driving. You may also notice a loose steering wheel, leading to reduced vehicular control.

A Glimpse at Our Wheel Balancing Service

At The Tyre Dealer, our technicians follow a comprehensive method to balance your vehicle’s wheels. When you visit us for wheel balancing Colchester, our experts will perform the following steps:

Step 1: During the first step, we will unmount the wheel from your car.

Step 2: Next up, we will put the wheel in our advanced wheel balancing machine.

Step 3: Then, we will rotate your wheel in the machine at high speed. While this happens, we will take the necessary readings and measurements.

Step 4: We will then comprehend the data and balance your wheels according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

For further information regarding wheel balancing Colchester, call us on 01206866333, 07511 889225.

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