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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

Get your car ready for the colder months with a winter check Colchester from The Tyre Dealer.

What Do We Check?

At The Tyre Dealer, our experts check these essential car components to conduct a winter check:

Tyre Check

In snowy, icy and wet roads, braking distance tends to increase. To ensure that you are safe on such surfaces, the minimum tread depth of the tyres must be maintained at 1.6mm. In our winter check, experts will check the tread depth and tyre pressure to establish whether they are safe to drive on or not. Upon a thorough inspection, we will recommend you the best course of action.

Battery Check

Battery failure is one of the most common issues that motorists face during winters. As a part of our winter check Colchester, we will check the health of your car’s battery and let you know of persistent issues.

Inspection of The Cooling System

The engine’s cooling system should be topped with a 50-50 mixture of distilled water and antifreeze to prevent boiling and freezing. Our professionals will thoroughly check your vehicle’s cooling system and refill its contents if necessary.

Windscreen Wiper Check

Our experts will check the windscreen wipers to ensure optimal screen clearing. They will also top up the wiper fluid level, if necessary.

Oil Level Check

Our technicians will advise you regarding the perfect oil level to allow your vehicle to run smoothly during colder temperatures.

We house all the necessary equipment and tools to conduct the best possible winter check Colchester. Apart from providing you with a commendable service, we are hands-on to provide expert assistance.

We are based at Unit 16 hythe quay , colchestor,essex, CO2 8JB, UK.

For further details about our winter check, you can call on 01206866333, 07511 889225 and talk to one of our experts.

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