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Are you looking for Tyre Pressure Check for your vehicle?

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure improves vehicle safety and fuel efficiency while extending the tyres life.

At The Tyre Dealer, we extend free and reliable tyre pressure check Colchester.

What Causes Underinflated or Overinflated Tyres?

Here are a few major reasons behind tyre pressure loss:

  • Punctures
  • Faulty valve
  • Defective tyre bead
  • Cold weather
  • Osmosis, etc.

Why Should You Maintain Correct Tyre Inflation?

The manufacturer of your car’s tyres specifies the correct inflation level for its tyres.

Underinflated tyres: Tyres that are underinflated will have uneven road contact and can result in rapid wear. In addition, you may also experience increased rolling resistance due to underinflated tyres.

Overinflated tyres: Overinflated tyres will have a narrow contact patch, which will affect the vehicle's braking efficiency.

When is it Necessary to get a Tyre Pressure Check?

Look out for these signs of tyre pressure loss:

  • Decreased fuel economy
  • Flapping noise while driving
  • Compromised steering efficiency
  • Reduced braking efficiency

It is essential that you look out for these tell-tale signs and address the issues by visiting our facility for a comprehensive tyre pressure check Colchester.

Note: Make sure that the TPMS in your vehicle is functioning correctly to determine any loss in tyre pressure. Note that a faulty TPMS may also lead to MOT failure.

Why Choose Us?

We will perform the following steps to inflate your tyres correctly:

Step 1: Our experts will check the vehicle’s handbook or the fuel cap for the correct air pressure of your tyres.

Step 2: They then inspect the tyres using a pressure gauge and take the readings.

Step 3: Finally, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation, our experts will inflate or deflate the tyres.

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