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Your tyre size is a set of alphanumeric codes that convey vital information about a specific tyre. You can find these codes on the on the sidewall of your car tyres Colchester. It is important to select the correct tyre size when purchasing a new tyre to ensure your safety.

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About Tyre Size

You are required to provide the tyre size of your vehicle to buy car tyres Colchester online from us.

Please use the data provided below to get a basic idea about tyre size.

Let’s take the following tyre size as an example:

Here are the following components of tyre size: 175/70/R13

175: These digits represent the width of the tyre. It is represented in millimetres.

70: This is the aspect ratio or profile of a tyre. Aspect ratio is the profile height of a tyre, which is measured in percentage to the width of the tyre.

R: R signifies the type of construction of a particular tyre. Here, the tyre in question is of radial construction.

13: The next digits denote the wheel diameter, which is represented in inches.

In addition, you will also find the following information on the tyre:

Load index: Load index is the maximum load a tyre can withhold when inflated fully. The load index is represented by two or three digits and it ranges from 60 to 129.

Speed rating: The last component of tyre size is the speed rating. It is the maximum speed that a fully inflated tyre can sustain. The speed rating is represented in the form of an alphabet, and it usually ranges from A1 to Y.

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